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Psychiatry Education

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Discussion and Awareness of Mental Health
*Due to the nature of this community's content, all posts can be considered triggering, so please view at your own risk.*

psychiatry_edu was created in the spirit of raising awareness of mental disorders and their perception in society. There is little understanding of mental disorders in mainstream society and media, so hopefully, this community will be able to educate people, get others to start talking more openly about disorders, and help people learn to better help/interact with family members/friends/coworkers/etc. with mental disorders.

And if we can put a dent in the stigma around it all, that wouldn't be so bad either.

Membership is open to all.

- Keep all entries on topic. If the entry has nothing to do with the subject matter of this community, please do not post it.
- Though this is a place for the discussion of mental disorders, this is not a support community, nor is this your personal journal. There are plenty of communities for venting and personal support, so please look into those. Please do not take offense - we just want to keep this community centered on the education of disorders since there are virtually no other communities out there.
- Discussion and debate are strongly encouraged. Everyone has their own point of view and experiences, so disagreements are bound to happen. Please respect others opinions, and keep an open mind.
- All entries are unlocked by default, but feel free to lock yours if you feel the need to. Use your own judgement.
- Personal attacks and derogatory remarks are unacceptable. Racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc. remarks are not allowed under any circumstances.
- You may advertise your community only if it is related to mental disorders. Spam posts and repeat advertising, however, will get you banned.

- articles from newspapers, journals, online journals, magazines
- academic texts and self-help books
- current events, historical events, and historical figures
- documentaries, television specials
- characters and representation in movies, books, comics, television shows, online media, music, artwork
- any questions pertaining to specific disorders in general
- any aspect of the mental disorder world you would like to know more about or debate
- questions on how to interact/talk to/help someone you know with a disorder
- anything you can relate to disorders, really

If you're posting an article, etc., please provide a source.

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